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Mobile Indution heater

SPY3 Mobile Induction heatermore >

  • (1) SPY3-05T Mobile Induction Heating machine

  • SPY3-10 Mobile Induction heater

  • SPY3-10-C1-PLC Mobile Induction heater

  • SPY3-18 Mobile Induction heater

SPY2 Mobile induction heatermore >

  • SPY2-10 Mobile copper tube brazing machine

SPY Mobile induction heatermore >

  • SPY-10 protable Induction Heater

  • SPY-10-C2 portable induction heater

  • SPY-20 Mobile induction heater

  • SPY-20-C3 portable induction heater

  • SPY-30 Portable induction heater

SPS Mobile inuction heatermore >

  • SPS-30-C5 Mobile induction heater

  • SPS-60 Mobile induction heater

  • SPS-60P-C10 Mobile induction heater

SPZ-S remote induction heatermore >

  • SPZ-25S-C2 Remote induction heater

Mobile Indution heaterintroduction

Most of our Induction heating machines are used in factory workshop and are installed in a stationary position to heat the parts which can be moved into the coil.  But there are still a lot of applications in which the parts are too big to move or the coil must be moved to the heating position.  In summary, three methods can be applied now to move the coils:

1、Coil with soft cable:

   In above pictures, soft cables can be used for almost all the induction heating machines, there are some limits for using:

(1)  Current through the cable is just same as the current through the coil, so this will cause great energy consumption in the cable. So the cable is suggested to be as short as possible.

(2)  Cable is usually less than 3 meters.

(3)  Usually, water cooled cables are used when cable length less than1m, co-axial water cooled cables are used when cable length longer than1mwhich will have much higher cost.

(4)  When using soft cable coils, machine must be specially designed and customized to fit the coil and cable inductance. Usually the machine cost will be higher than standard models.

(5)  Higher power machine must be ed if soft cable coil must be used due to the great energy consumption on the cable.

2、Small Output Unit

      Following machines of Shuangping can be designed with small output unit:

(1)  SP series high frequency induction heating machines

In SP series machines, Oscillating cap is in series with the primary coil of high frequency transformer.  So only the transformer is installed in the output unit cabinet which is light and small to be installed to move with coil, but can not be hand held.


(2)  SPG-0B-III machine

In all the SPG series machines, both transformer and oscillating caps are installed in output unit cabinet which is usually big and heavy. Only SPG-06B-III machine has small output unit because of its 1.1MHZ frequency and low power.  As the picture below shows, SPG-06B-III’s output unit is small enough to be hand held.


(3)  SPZ-B2-II small capacitor MF induction machines:

In medium frequency induction heating machines,  output unit contains only capacitor inside so it is the best type for small output unit machine. 


3、 Mobile induction heating machine

Shuangping mobile induction heating machines,  with 3~5m long cable and power 5~160KW, can be used for most of the on-site heating such as brazing of transformer copper bars, copper tube brazing of cooling systems, surface heating for coating, etc. cable can be made even 20 to 40m long for special usage.


Mobile induction heating machine is the modification of small output unit machines.  Shuangping can supply three categories ofMobileinduction heating machines which differ in structure.  Main advantages and disadvantages are listed in the table below: 





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